Built for use at Las Vegas Camp

We would like to know if the participant has any mixed martial arts training outside of Kenpo 5.0. If they attend or attended any other studios or had any kind of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing training. We also need to know if the participant has had any amateur/professional fights so they can be placed in the correct division according to their experience.

No, we cannot offer refunds. The hotel requires final numbers and payment is made on those numbers prior to the event. Whether guests attend the event or not, our payment must be made to the hotel.

No. After June 5, 2023 we cannot make any changes to the tournament divisions. If students drop out of divisions at check-in or the day of the tournament, we will not be able to add them back in. We also cannot make division swaps. So be sure you are certain what you’d like to compete in when signing up.

Full refunds will be given until June 5, 2023. After that, there will only be 50% refunds or if you choose, you can use 100% of the amount paid as credit for the following year’s event.

* Note we will only be able to roll the credit over for one year, it must be used for the next year’s event or you will lose the entirety of the credit.

No. Everyone can watch the test on Thursday and the tournament on Friday, free of charge. However, the ‘Dinner and A Fight’ and the seminars are closed off to anyone except those with wristbands.

For any change that will affect tournament divisions and/or seminar group, please discuss with your studio instructor. He/she will get the event administrator the correct information in a timely and organized manner.

Not required, though we highly recommend! We have a block of rooms reserved for the event with discounted room rates. It is much easier to travel to and from the events throughout the weekend.

No. The entry fee into the event includes the seminars, which is the core of what we do. The seminars are crucial to the learning experience of every martial artist. The tournament however, is optional. There is additional cost for the adult belt test.

Please register online at www.jeffspeakman.com/events if you need assistance please contact your studio instructor or administrator. If you have a credit roll over from a previous year please email camp administrator Paola Fernandez at JSWMAE@jeffspeakman.com.