What is Jeff Speakman Martial Art Federation

What we do

American Kenpo Karate has been known for its overwhelmingly practical and effective self defense techniques. We arrive at that destination by way of three things. They are efficiency of motion, effectiveness of technique and our scientific approach to the application of this information. All of these components make this system of personal defense easy to teach and easy to learn. Now with the evolution of the Kenpo system by Jeff Speakman to include applying this system to the ground the importance of sharing this material has never been more relevant.

What is the JSMAF

Mr. Speakman has selected 36 of the most applicable personal defense techniques from the “Kenpo 5.0” system and put them in a new organization called the Jeff Speakman Martial Art Federation. These 36 personally selected techniques are included in the membership of this Federation to add to your existing self defense curriculum of any style or system of martial art or self defense regimen intended to assist the teacher and practitioner in addressing the real threat of personal defense for the world of today. By providing this format Mr. Speakman is reaching out to the martial art community at large to build a bridge of sharing and communication to help make all teachers and students more effective in their self defense applications.

Why you should do this

By joining the JSMAF you will have immediate access to all 36 techniques in written format to do with as you wish. In addition you will have secured access to the jsmaf.com where you can also see the detailed instruction and application of these techniques by Mr. Speakman. You will also have a personal connection with Mr. Speakman and his staff of professional black belts from all over the world to assist you in becoming familiar with the details and intricacies of perfecting this system. With regular updates and teaching tips from Mr. Speakman you can perfect these techniques and share them with your student population by simply adding them to your existing self defense curriculum. Mr. Speakman has organized this material in three sections with three grouping in each section with the intention of making the implementation of this system seamless with yours.

Why would  I do this for you

I have been very fortunate to have studied under some of the most important and impactful martial arts masters of our current era. Because of this perspective I have been so disappointed in the wholesale devaluation of being a black belt in the developed west and beyond in recent decades due to greed and control. Much to the disapproval of many seniors in the arts I have been very vocal about this dysfunction. This is why there is no ranking from this Federation. We will be about content and professionalism, not about the insecurity of rank and position. At this age and on the other side of cancer I have decided to take a stand and be a voice for those of us who are of a like mind independent of our style or background. Become a part of the solution and stand with us in unifying our efforts under one banner of leadership and martial arts excellence.

Whats more

Your membership in the JSMAF not only gives you complete and immediate access to all techniques in both written and video format with personal contact to Mr. Speakman and his staff but you also receive a 10% discount on all Jeff Speakman seminars including the annual 5.0 Fighter World Championship and Training Camp in Las Vegas. Within the 36 Techniques of the Federation is included the essential information to learn to compete in the 5.0 Fighter competition world. The traditional point fighting competition is already obsolete and of almost no application value to the realities of the world of today. We feel that the future of competitive martial arts is here in the 5.0 Fighter System and we are dedicated to that end.