Jeff Speakman’s European Championship 2022

Competition & Seminars

November 12th, 2022


a message from Jean-Louis Mbongo

Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 is proud to announce our EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT 2022. Please look through the information in the package closely for the details and exciting updates to this event. I have included the schedule of events. Wim Lambert will be administering the event registration this year.

I would advise everybody to book their rooms at the Ibis Étampes (14 Rue du Rempart, 91150 Étampes, France) as soon as possible. Call the Ibis Étampes and reserve your rooms! Call +33 1 69 92 16 50.

The hotel provides onsite: Parking, Shuttle, Wheelchair accessible hotel, Air conditioning, Wi-Fi, Breakfast, Bar and complimentary in-room WIFI.


Location of event: 1 avenue Henri Michel Poirier 91150 Etampes

09:00AM-10:00AM – Event registration / check-in and opening ceremony

10:00AM-12:30PM – JSK 5.0 test for adults (brown & black belt)

12:30PM-01:30PM – Lunch break

12:30PM-01:30PM – JSK 5.0 school owners business brunch

1:30PM-4:30PM – Seminar with 10th degree Black Belt JEFF SPEAKMAN for adults and teens

4:30PM-6:00PM -Seminar for adults and teens (soon more information)

7:30PM-10:00PM – JSK 5.0 Dinner
Restaurant: « Sucré Salé »
31 Avenue de Paris 91150 Etampes


Location of event: 1 avenue Henri Michel Poirier 91150 Etampes

09:00AM-09:30AM – Event registration / check-in and opening ceremony

Forms competition for adults & kids
Self Defense competition

12:30PM-01:30PM – Lunch break

01:30PM-02:30PM – Grand championship forms & self defense

02:30PM-02:45PM – Pre-fight briefing

03:00PM-06:00PM – 5.0 Fighting competition for juniors & adults

06:00PM – closing meeting


Please register online

Should you have questions regarding the Camp, please contact Wim Lambert.


Jean-Louis MBONGO | Event Director

Wim Lambert | Administrative Assistant