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Thursday, 17 April 2014 00:00

Kenpo 5.0 News Featured

Mr. Jeff Speakman was approached by a major talent agency in Los Angeles with the concept of developing a reality show based upon his martial arts and his teachings of Kenpo 5.0. Lacking a clear direction from the talent agency, it has not come to fruition yet.

We put together this sizzle reel with Mr. Speakman as a template for how we see the development and legacy that his training has instilled in all of his students globally.

This show needs to become a reality! What do you think?

Produced by Dana Mennie, Julie Snider, and Darius Siwek. Copyright 2015 Moon Street Films.

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Jeff Speakman 2015-05-14T18:56:31+0000
Giuseppe Previti grande jeff speakman 2015-05-14T18:59:23+0000
Jeff Speakman Mr. Speakman will be participating in the Las Vegas Car Stars Event tomorrow, May 15, which will benefit the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. For more information visit 2015-05-14T18:52:35+0000
Jeff Speakman "Every generation has a Master, every Master has a mission, and their mission is to shape and evolve their art and bring it into the modern age, and that's what Mr. Speakman has done with Kenpo 5.0" Watch the full video here #MartialArts #Kenpo #Fighting #Kenpo50 2015-05-07T19:04:12+0000
Emma Klein wow! ! she is a young lady I saw her years ago she was brown belt. she trains hard great to see you Mr. Jeff Speakman I love the energy of your events 2015-05-07T20:16:38+0000 David Smith Jr. My favorite style is kenpo.. 2015-05-07T19:21:12+0000 Pia Mrc Malinee Awesome! Sharing. RESPECT! Thank you. :) 2015-05-08T22:00:23+0000 Lopez Jimenez José oh que j'aime ça 2015-05-08T13:24:25+0000 Lynn R Myers Nice work sir!! 2015-05-08T03:15:39+0000 Brian Hursh Nay affiliated schools in Arizona? 2015-05-09T02:37:45+0000 Russell Keeler Awesome... 2015-05-07T20:49:06+0000 David Pare Respect me speakman 2015-05-09T17:37:39+0000 Michael Jeffrey Butler I'm a Hapkido, Judo and Taekwondo Master, but I have a real respect for Mr. Speakman and the Art of Kenpo. Good stuff... thank you for the post sir! 2015-05-07T20:49:25+0000 John Young Indeed...Jeff is still the perfect weapon!!! 2015-05-08T01:29:27+0000 Glen Smith Still the perfect weapon!!!! 2015-05-07T20:35:24+0000 Crad To Da G My next learing experiance. Kenpo. 2015-05-08T00:07:26+0000 Street Mma any place in kentucky one can train in 5.0????? 2015-05-08T23:37:19+0000 Bob Davison Kenpo is by far the best style. My favorite also. 2015-05-08T00:44:57+0000 Bob Davison Awesome Mr. Speakman. 2015-05-08T00:43:11+0000 Jose L Fernandez A que maravilla de video 2015-05-07T19:18:57+0000 Erwin H. Trepte One jacked for an old fan and black belt? 2015-05-07T19:15:27+0000 Shakil Miah Absolutely amazing. Great to see Mr Speakman, he is truly the Perfect Weapon 2015-05-07T19:20:09+0000 Joseph Sanchez 2015-05-08T07:18:13+0000 Mark Lasek Amazing !! 2015-05-07T19:44:32+0000 George Rey Angulo cool master 2015-05-07T19:25:05+0000 Nathalie Corriveau Super je crois que je suis accroc à toutes formes d'art martiaux 2015-05-08T13:42:38+0000 Paul Gorman The perfect weapon Amber Rollage Finbar Hogan 2015-05-08T10:35:07+0000 Tony Latona OMG, This Is Amazing 2015-05-09T03:51:35+0000
Jeff Speakman 2015-05-07T18:46:29+0000
Jeff Speakman 2015-04-28T04:42:10+0000
Ryan Delehanty "Yes, that's definitely a hibiscus-infused foot scrub." 2015-04-28T13:24:31+0000
Jeff Speakman 2015-04-20T16:54:45+0000
Jeff Speakman Getting ready for a tour across France and Spain. 2 weeks, 6 cities, 3 seminars, and countless students perfecting their study of Kenpo 5.0. Lots of pictures to come! #kenpo50 #fighting #MartialArts #Europe #StayTuned
Lou Angel have a good and safe trip regards to your kenpo 5.0 people angelsan 2015-04-13T21:41:50+0000 Yvette Metcalf Be safe Jeff. 2015-04-14T03:49:48+0000 Pia Mrc Malinee Awesome. Have a good trip. And be safe. :-) 2015-04-14T06:43:00+0000 Andreas Kayleb if you got time jeff,make a step in to vienna,you owe me a beer ;),would be happy to show you around:) 2015-04-13T23:26:57+0000 Matthew Miller Come to East Tennessee/ North Georgia area. 2015-04-13T21:53:29+0000 Chris Ipacs Please come to Connecticut!! 2015-04-13T21:44:45+0000 Kevin Boucher Come visit us in Italy! Maybe if you contact the USO you could demo Kenpo 5.0 for the troops! 2015-04-14T12:56:10+0000 Bob Steadman Can't wait! 2015-04-15T05:48:04+0000 Mark Hamilton good luck 2015-04-14T11:55:50+0000 Paul Leworthy See you in Epinal Sir! Safe trip 2015-04-13T22:03:04+0000 Julie Seil Farnsworth I wish I had the chance to know you better cousin!!!' 2015-04-13T22:03:44+0000 Rick Calderon Good luck my friend 🐍 2015-04-13T22:19:08+0000 Sebastian Sobczyk Safe trip Sir!Will see you in Epinal. 2015-04-14T05:57:19+0000 Sylvie Marie-Claire Fairon I wish you an amazing tour across France and Spain. Have a safe trip Mr Speakman. 2015-04-14T16:56:43+0000 Justin Zenoff I think u need to come to Sedona 2015-04-14T02:26:20+0000 Steven Shumelda Go Jeff Go! 2015-04-13T21:57:02+0000 Paul S. Sedlacek Be safe! 2015-04-14T00:00:53+0000 Matthew Raya Great! 2015-04-13T22:42:14+0000 David Hackney Be safe. Looking forward to pics 2015-04-13T21:56:24+0000 Jennifer Laczko Stay safe and have a lot of fun!! 2015-04-13T21:49:11+0000 Krishna Andrew Goodwin See you at Mr. Lawler's in PA towards the end of May, Sir. Until then, safe travels! SALUTE! _@\_ 2015-04-13T21:39:05+0000 Rocky Tract Sounds amazing Master Jeff 2015-04-14T02:55:47+0000
Jeff Speakman From the movie Deadly Outbreak circa 1995. #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #Kenpo #Fighting #Kenpo50 2015-04-09T20:25:54+0000
Dávid Farkas He should have been in Expendables. 2015-04-09T20:51:03+0000 Yvette Metcalf I remember this movie. I have seen all your movies. I wish u would make a new one. :) 2015-04-09T20:44:54+0000 Scotty Hill Make another the perfect weapon pleaaaaassssssseeeeeeee 2015-04-09T20:55:08+0000 Sijo Art Lapham Haven't seen this one in years, Jeff. I'm pretty sure I have all your films so I may dig it out soon for a re-watch 2015-04-09T22:09:17+0000 Stan Morrison Jr. When will you make the next movie? 2015-04-09T20:52:57+0000 Emma Klein I have that movie I have them all!!! 2015-04-10T04:28:35+0000 Spike Norstrum wow, havent seen a post from you in a long while, how are you feeling Jeff?? 2015-04-09T20:32:25+0000 Raymond Paul Jr I have this movie and most all the others on vhs tapes and wouldn't trade them for anything. 2015-04-10T01:38:13+0000 Michael Smith Going to have to watch that one. 2015-04-10T06:43:24+0000 Rinold Bruce Vanbuskirk Ur so bad ass wish u make a new movie 2015-04-09T20:27:22+0000 Michael Loga I hope to see more movies from you in the future, thanks for the entertainment. 2015-04-09T20:52:53+0000 Ramses Salinas Rubio Heel hook kick!! 2015-04-09T22:04:37+0000 Rocky Tract Jeff we gonna need a bigger Perfect Weapon. 2015-04-09T22:13:00+0000 Paul Chapman- Selby Martin Gosling Martin Gosling 2015-04-09T20:47:08+0000 Jeff Hilderbrand TAKKKKEEE MEEEEEEEEE!!! 2015-04-09T21:29:30+0000 Daniel Leclair The perfect weapon was my shit 2015-04-09T20:39:14+0000
Jeff Speakman "Every generation has a Master, every Master has a mission, and their mission is to shape and evolve their art and bring it into the modern age, and that's what Mr. Speakman has done with Kenpo 5.0" Watch the full video here #MartialArts #Kenpo #Fighting #Kenpo50 2015-04-09T02:48:56+0000
Norm Lane Brian Richards there are two 5.0 gentlemen in AZ. One in North Phoenix and one in Tempe Mesa. 2015-04-12T19:32:48+0000 Brian Richards I miss going to this school my sensei name was Timothy Cucuzza he was my sensei I train with mr. Speakman this is the best school I miss it there there is no more schools in Arizona I'm angry about that 2015-04-12T08:25:31+0000 Mike Goolsby I want to learn 2015-04-11T14:13:29+0000 Lauren R Schroeder love ya jeff ur an amaxing guy n i miss you yes ive met you a billion times 2015-04-09T16:07:33+0000 Dee Papile Diggs Total Respect Jeff Speakman, going to stop by and see you next time I'm out there. 2015-04-09T03:41:38+0000 Mo Khaliq Total respect 2015-04-09T05:59:15+0000 Minh Mach Sooo awesome!!! 2015-04-09T04:02:53+0000 Carrie McGill I miss you sensai Speakman You rock. I got to get your phone number again old verizion account got shut down and lost your number. 2015-04-09T03:04:31+0000 Zachary Carter I have just begun my journey learning from you. I have a long way to go but every time I show up, I learn something new. The journey is what inspires me. 2015-04-11T15:24:28+0000 Rick Calderon Looking sharp Jeff 🐍 2015-04-09T03:05:30+0000 Tom Delaney Always have loved Jeff's stuff. 2015-04-12T19:53:37+0000 Master Brian Gates Mbgkrma Always Keeping it real JEFF SPEAKMAN ! 2015-04-09T14:17:59+0000 David Pare I took kenpo with the place I live wich I met him a very long time ago wiked awesome person 2015-04-12T19:50:43+0000 Lisa Hartman Pinkham Awesome I really miss doing Kempo I learned from lee wedlake in ft Myers fla 2015-04-09T13:30:30+0000 Johnny Lawless Mahalo Nui Loa Sir! 2015-04-09T11:38:18+0000 Thomas Aguilar The Perfect Weapon still kicking 2015-04-10T18:57:45+0000 Scott Gaffney Is there a school in Louisville? 2015-04-11T22:44:42+0000 Juan Mata Congratulations Master i have great honor to practice we You a the hall OF FAME seminar 2015-04-09T14:41:08+0000 Yuri Grilo Much respect! Osu! 2015-04-09T04:00:39+0000 John Murillo Mr Speakman my computer mis spell your name no disrespect Sr. Just try to say hello my friend ....... 2015-04-11T22:17:28+0000 John Murillo Mr. Spellman 2015-04-11T21:34:58+0000 Sifu-Guro Young Awesome Master Speakman. Thanks for all the lessons and helping me improve in the past 2015-04-10T07:05:22+0000 Todd Sampsel Mr. Speakman is one f the greatest martial artist of all times.... His evaluation in Kenpo 5.0 would have made Mr. Parker proud.. 2015-04-09T14:59:15+0000 Johnny Freeform yay!!! go Mr Speakman!! 2015-04-09T02:53:02+0000 Johnny Ahmed Shayne Simpson 2015-04-09T04:06:14+0000
Jeff Speakman Thank you so much to the amazing students at Jeff Speakman's Kenpo 5.0 in San Antonio. I had a great time working with you this weekend and am so proud of all your hard work. Nice job 5.0 Fighters! - JS 2015-03-28T19:00:00+0000
Erwin H. Trepte osu. 2015-03-30T19:47:42+0000
Jeff Speakman Looking forward to working with the parents and students at our San Antonio dojo today. For more information visit our Facebook page. - JS #kenpo50 #americankenpo #martialarts
Jeff Speakman's Kenpo 5.0 Training Center- San Antonio, TX A premiere Martial Arts facility in San Antonio, featuring after school care and classes for kids, teens and adults of all experience levels.
Joseph Coles Welcome to San Antonio! Wish I could be there. You are the definition of inspiration. And the people at the San Antonio center are the reason I strive to be better. They are truly awesome in every sense of the word. I'm working on myself, then I'm coming back. Love you guys! 2015-03-27T23:40:28+0000 Rickie Hacker I've always loved and deeply admired your art Mr. Speakman. You are an incredible artist Sir. 2015-03-27T16:25:16+0000 Emma Klein lucky them! 2015-03-27T17:33:08+0000 Rodrigo Fernandez Inza I wish I could be there. Sure it's gonna be awesome 2015-03-27T16:58:26+0000 Zachary Carter Looking forward to checking out your school here in Las Vegas. Have a great trip. 2015-03-27T15:13:08+0000 Rocky Tract Respect to you Mr Jeff Speakman for your great work and prayers and well wishes always.Perfect Weapon was not a great movie, it is a great movie. 2015-03-27T15:51:10+0000 Eric Thomas Wilson You should come to OC! 2015-03-27T17:09:35+0000 Michael Loga Cool 2015-03-27T21:36:30+0000
Jeff Speakman In honor of #TBT and Senior Grand Master Ed Parker's birthday earlier this month. #Kenpo50 #AmericanKenpo 2015-03-26T22:51:23+0000
Russell Keeler Awesome picture sir 2015-03-28T00:42:20+0000 George Palsgraf 2015-03-27T07:17:38+0000 Timothy Francis Great photo! 2015-03-27T00:46:54+0000 Paul Taylor Mr Parker's legend will never die!! Those privileged enough to know him will always treasure those memories!! RIP Edmond Kihaloha Parker you will always be remembered "The Father of American Karate" 2015-03-27T02:06:53+0000 Lester Schunk 2 Great Men !!!!!! Respect !!! 2015-03-27T00:50:50+0000 Rodrigo Fernandez Inza Muy buen video. Un excelente motivador para los artistas marciales. Compártelo. Great video. If you are a martial arts lover, then you can't miss this. Share "Perfect Weapons": 2015-03-27T17:37:04+0000 Robyn Cabreana Kocyla Both of you, SO handsome and charismatic here! I bet there were women falling down in your wake as you passed by! :) I still almost do! Haha! 2015-03-27T12:53:38+0000 Robin Lull Now THAT is a real dynamic duo right there~ 2015-03-27T14:12:40+0000 Sonny Gallo Oss Maestros.Kempo! 2015-03-27T03:29:48+0000 George Rey Angulo Long. Live the king 2015-03-27T05:52:33+0000 Isis Guerrero con todo el Respeto que merecen.... los dos estan guapisimo....!!!! Bellos... aparecen es esta fascina.. 2015-03-27T17:51:01+0000 Wyatt Currin Awesome pic. God bless him wherever he is! 2015-03-27T00:08:29+0000 Pia Mrc Malinee Awesome photo of BOTH of you. 2015-03-26T23:50:05+0000 Bob Germanovich I hate that AKS schools are going away in favor of the profitability of MMA schools 2015-03-27T21:19:24+0000 Rinold Bruce Vanbuskirk What's the movie you did were you were helping out a young gang kid who got killed and you went after the gang that did it 2015-03-28T02:11:57+0000 Don Coburn Faith - Spirit - Discipline 2015-03-27T03:31:32+0000 Rocky Tract Its always an honour to say hi and to wish Mr Jeff Speakman well,and Happy Birthday to Mr Ed Parker. 2015-03-27T04:59:07+0000 Alex Fulton Legends!! 2015-03-27T03:28:08+0000 Anthony Cruz Timelock am waiting for more movies 2015-03-28T11:55:58+0000 Eric Thomas Wilson Great pic! 2015-03-26T23:26:46+0000 Ralphus Rex Kenpo family! My Kenpo Grandfather and Great Grandfather side by side. 2015-03-27T15:06:32+0000 Thom Seehafer Great pic 2015-03-27T13:22:17+0000 Massimiliano Placanica osu 2015-03-27T11:06:33+0000 Johnny Lawless Aye! 2015-03-28T02:54:04+0000 Gerard Liston Ouss 2015-03-27T13:06:23+0000
Jeff Speakman 2015-03-26T22:03:59+0000
Veronica Forrest Beautiful Photo,Sr. Speakman ♥-♥ 2012-03-07T03:06:11+0000 Josh King Best wishes hope you get cured 2013-06-19T04:29:14+0000 Krishna Andrew Goodwin Dragon... 2015-03-26T22:05:55+0000 Don Beard Looking good sir. 2015-03-26T22:07:17+0000 Ter A Bear This man is awesome. It saddens me that I have reached out to his organization 3 times to no avail. :/ 2015-03-26T22:09:34+0000 Sean Kelley Ter a Bear....inbox me your info and I will pass it onto Mr.Speakman 2015-03-26T22:16:43+0000 Lori Smith Beautiful picture Mr Speakman... 😉☺😊😀👍👌 2015-03-26T22:22:22+0000 Richard Hartness Hope you are doing great Jeff. 2015-03-26T22:38:55+0000 Andreas Kayleb good to have you back jeff:) 2015-03-26T22:45:45+0000 Lawrence Blackwell Hey Jeff, Lawrence from Southwest Airlines good to see you bro, later 2015-03-26T22:51:19+0000 Joe Macareo Mr speakman I currently train under a mr molter he says he trained with you for a while do you remember him 2015-03-27T00:17:11+0000 Xteam Scrs Master! 2015-03-27T00:34:28+0000 Paul Taylor Me. Speakman, much honor and respect to you sir!! 2015-03-27T02:24:23+0000 Alex Fulton RESPECT! 2015-03-27T03:31:00+0000 Nelson Pinto Much respect and many blessings GM Speakman 2015-03-27T07:06:18+0000 John D. Scheidt FireStar Great Photo Grandmaster!!!!!!!1 2015-03-27T12:53:47+0000 Anthony Phillips I want to be Jeff Speakman when I grow up! 2015-03-27T13:39:39+0000 Chris Morgan Best wishes 2015-03-27T17:49:31+0000 Yvette Metcalf (y) 2015-03-27T19:49:20+0000 Pia Mrc Malinee Awesome photo. " RESPECT " 2015-03-28T00:03:08+0000 Sonny Gallo Oss Professor. 2015-03-28T01:27:23+0000 Patricia Kennedy Angelopoulos :) 2015-03-28T12:28:11+0000 Karate Fausdeen Oss 2015-03-30T19:50:12+0000
Jeff Speakman
"Perfect Weapons" Mr. Jeff Speakman was approached by a major talent agency in Los Angeles with the concept of developing a reality show based upon his martial arts and his te...
Joe Meeks Jeff Speakman is one of the leading Kenpo practitioners in the country maybe the world.. I had the privilege of seeing his sensei Ed Parker in SLC back in 72 at a new studio that was opening up. Ed was unbelievable. That man moved like lightening for a big Hawaiian. He was the master may he RIP. 2015-03-21T02:16:41+0000 Paul S. Sedlacek That would be fantastic 2015-03-21T01:02:07+0000 Mike Mounce Anyone who knew Grandmaster Parker was treated to a great privlage. Aman of great love of his Family and his Philosophy and I am proud to be able to say I am one of those... Best of luck Jeff 2015-03-21T05:17:22+0000 Pia Mrc Malinee Best film. RESPECT. 2015-03-21T01:51:37+0000 Tim Flynn All my love and respect Mr. Speakman 2015-03-21T01:07:32+0000 Randy Engel Grateful for people like Jeff Speakman who can carry the mantle 2015-03-22T06:14:49+0000 Terje Langlete I <3 5.0 2015-03-21T20:37:38+0000 Chris Morgan Wishing you the best of health... it's been a long time keep up the great work best wishes.... 2015-03-21T02:51:38+0000 Todd Weber "When you look into the abyss of you not being here, did you do something that mattered? Did you contribute to the common good in a very meaningful way?" Awesome!!! 2015-03-26T01:00:59+0000 Cheryl Speakman From all of your Speakman cousins from oceanside calornia we say you rock Jeff Speakman and we all wish you the best always. 2015-03-21T15:26:24+0000 Rusty Ferderber I wish you the best of health. You amaze and inspire this old man. I wish I could have learned from you. My prayers go out to you. 2015-03-21T02:29:03+0000 Bob Chester This is awesome! 2015-03-21T15:40:49+0000 István Paulovszki Az igazi tökéletes fegyfer :-) (Respect) 2015-03-21T18:44:50+0000 Mark Haney oh hell yah 2015-03-21T05:08:04+0000 John Speakman you go jeff 2015-03-21T03:36:09+0000 Tony Latona Jeff Speakman's movie "Perfect Weapon" is the best film using martial arts that I have ever seen. Just extraordinary . 2015-03-21T01:23:13+0000 Rocky Tract That would be amazing Mr Speakman,prayers and well wishes always. 2015-03-21T01:04:28+0000 Nostop Pinganytime Nice!!! 2015-03-22T21:18:30+0000 Gary Miller Aloha Jeff. It's been way to many years my friend. Hope all is well. Loved this. 2015-03-21T17:04:25+0000 Chris Stryder Blade Yes Jeff. I'd love to travel and train with you. 2015-03-21T08:21:29+0000 Jose Maria Animalista Jimenez Risquez hello master my friend salud 2015-03-21T01:08:02+0000
Jeff Speakman J.S.M.A.F. Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide a place where all martial artists can come together to enhance their self defense syllabus and become a co-contributor of an idea to work together for the common good. WHAT WE DO American Kenpo Karate has been known for its overwhelmingly practical and effective self defense techniques. We arrive at that destination by way of three things. They are efficiency of motion,effectiveness of technique and our scientific approach to the application of this information. All of these components make this system of personal defense easy to teach and easy to learn. Now with the evolution of the Kenpo system by Jeff Speakman to include applying this system to the ground the importance of sharing this material has never been more relevant. WHAT IS THE JSMAF Mr. Speakman has selected 36 of the most applicable personal defense techniques from the “Kenpo 5.0” system and put them in a new organization called the Jeff Speakman Martial Art Federation. These 36 personally selected techniques are included in the membership of this Federation to add to your existing self defense curriculum of any style or system of martial art or self defense regimen intended to assist the teacher and practitioner in addressing the real threat of personal defense for the world of today. By providing this format Mr. Speakman is reaching out to the martial art community at large to build a bridge of sharing and communication to help make all teachers and students more effective in their self defense applications. WHY YOU SHOULD DO THIS By joining the JSMAF you will have immediate access to all 36 techniques in written format to do with as you wish. In addition you will have secured access to the where you can also see the detailed instruction and application of these techniques by Mr. Speakman. You will also have a personal connection with Mr. Speakman and his staff of professional black belts from all over the world to assist you in becoming familiar with the details and intricacies of perfecting this system. With regular updates and teaching tips from Mr. Speakman you can perfect these techniques and share them with your student population by simply adding them to your existing self defense curriculum. Mr. Speakman has organized this material in three sections with three grouping in each section with the intention of making the implementation of this system seamless with yours. WHY WOULD I DO THIS FOR YOU I have been very fortunate to have studied under some of the most important and impactful martial arts masters of our current era. Because of this perspective I have been so disappointed in the wholesale devaluation of being a black belt in the developed west and beyond in recent decades due to greed and control. Much to the disapproval of many seniors in the arts I have been very vocal about this dysfunction. This is why there is no ranking from this Federation. We will be about content and professionalism, not about the insecurity of rank and position. At this age and on the other side of cancer I have decided to take a stand and be a voice for those of us who are of a like mind independent of our style or background. Become a part of the solution and stand with us in unifying our efforts under one banner of leadership and martial arts excellence. WHATS MORE Your membership in the JSMAF not only gives you complete and immediate access to all techniques in both written and video format with personal contact to Mr. Speakman and his staff but you also receive a 10% discount on all Jeff Speakman seminars including the annual 5.0 Fighter World Championship and Training Camp in Las Vegas. Within the 36 Techniques of the Federation is included the essential information to learn to compete in the 5.0 Fighter competition world. The traditional point fighting competition is already obsolete and of almost no application value to the realities of the world of today. We feel that the future of competitive martial arts is here in the 5.0 Fighter System and we are dedicated to that end.
John Simeone The Armed Forces Karate Association is free. It has a board of Military Grand Masters and the systems have been proven in Combat since Vietnam. All you need is proof of an Honorable Discharge let me know if you would like to join. 2015-03-13T16:40:02+0000 Zachary Carter What a well written statement by you, Mr Jeff Speakman. So true are your statements and it is up to all of us to make the arts better, no matter the rank. Life has a way of defining perspectives on our journey. Can't wait to participate in some small way. 2015-03-29T15:44:20+0000 John Gill Great to meet you in January Jeff and congrats on a great career. Also thanks for the DVD and look forward to training with you in June and competing at your tournament and keep well 2015-03-09T12:07:40+0000 John Gill Hi Jeff great to meet you in January and thanks for the DVD much appreciated. I will be back in june and look forward to training with you and joining the JSMAF and keep well ! 2015-03-09T11:41:25+0000
Jeff Speakman to provide a place where martial artists from all affiliations can come together to enhance their self defense syllabus as well as become an active part of the solution to return the integrity to its rightful place in the commercial martial arts world. Thus creating and maintaining leadership we can all be proud of.
Bill O. Eisele Spoken like a true master and leader, Sir. Thank you 2015-01-14T19:17:55+0000 Rick Calderon Good to hear from you again Jeff and a happy new year🐍 2015-01-14T15:10:48+0000 Robert Boring Mr Speakman when will you ever be in Ohio 2015-01-14T05:29:52+0000 Natasha Corrie Much needed! 2015-01-13T20:55:46+0000 Michael Wheatt How are you doing Mr Speakman ? 2015-01-13T20:55:37+0000 Ralphus Rex ABSOLUTELY! Thank you, Sir!!! 2015-01-13T20:51:10+0000 Mike Stunes We need kenpo in Iowa Mr speakman 2015-01-13T20:38:11+0000 Deb Perry Hi jeff. Been a long time 2015-01-13T20:38:07+0000 Anders Falck Looking forward to have you in Norway again Dear Master Speakman 2015-01-13T21:05:22+0000
Jeff Speakman Bolivia Rising!
Kenpo 5.0 News New Article in Speakman's Corner "Bolivia Rising" BOLIVIA RISING As most of you know from my last article one of the things that moves me the most is the sustained excellence achieved all over the world in our 5.0 family and the corresponding level of dedication and sacrifice to arrive at that...
Steve Bennett Brad Lyon, Im in the same boat. How do you get the dvd set? 2015-01-10T01:18:19+0000 Brad Lyon Thinking seriously about buying the complete DVD set for the techniques… I used to train in Kenpo back in the early 90s, and had to move to an area where Kenpo didn't exist… Would love to get all that back again… 2015-01-09T16:59:27+0000
Jeff Speakman Thinking about our Future! Are you ready to join me in this New Direction?
Kenpo 5.0 News Thinking about our Future! Are you ready to join me in this New Direction? Check this out Macarthur Kenpo wowed by Speakman visit: School Instructors send your school address contact information to to be listed on location page. Sign up for a FREE...
Mike Stunes We need kenpo in Iowa, and yes are you doing anymore movies 2014-11-12T05:38:45+0000 Johnscott Blute Happy birthday 2014-11-12T19:48:50+0000 Mark Ingemi Yes ,Jeff ,but I am in New Jersey. Is there any other way I can reach out to you? Talk to you soon. By the way , how are you feeling , health wise? Talk to you soon. Mark I. 2015-02-15T04:38:17+0000 Anthony Cruz Wow i saw episde one of martail arts today cool story make more movies 2014-12-30T12:46:13+0000 John Rickett When in doubt go back to the basics. 2014-12-23T08:27:34+0000 Anthony Cruz Jvcd dolph lundgern never stop making movies your better than both snice you dont make any more movies I just watch the scorpion one kenpo in space lol 2014-12-21T12:59:21+0000 Lu Petrey Im in what can I or we do to help Lu 2014-11-20T07:46:44+0000 Anthony Gavinete hi jeff. we need kenpo in the philippines as well. 2014-11-19T05:48:34+0000 Steve Stewart And may I ask what direction u are moving towards! 2014-11-12T21:54:07+0000 Patricia Kennedy Angelopoulos Happy Belated Birthday, Jeff. :) 2014-11-12T18:04:51+0000 Erick Hegelmann I am in. 2014-11-12T17:35:54+0000 Zachary Carter I have been around Kenpo for a lot of years until I broke my neck in 06. That put a halt to everything. I used to be in Pasadena almost every weekend training. I miss it! For many years I wished I had a school in Vegas to train at. I miss the brotherhood and mat time. Maybe it is time for me to join you and help any way I can. What ever your mission, I support you 2014-11-12T15:44:06+0000 Tom Cheffro I can't sign up on site 2014-11-12T12:09:25+0000 Rian Baños Gretings my grand máster 2014-11-12T10:52:51+0000 Paul Leworthy Proud to represent you in the UK and in life...if you wore an orange belt we'd still be there with you...we follow the man and share your vision Sir 2014-11-12T10:49:02+0000 Anthony Cruz If more movies am there the last movie was striking range you play evil need you back as hero 2014-11-12T10:33:51+0000 Lester Schunk Much Respect To You!!!!!!!! 2014-11-12T07:04:48+0000 Matthew Miller I am in. Behind you 100 percent 2014-11-12T06:14:27+0000 Reneéêëę Row I'm in! 2014-11-12T06:12:37+0000 Anthony Smith Are you ever going yo do more movies??? 2014-11-12T05:25:58+0000 Anders Falck I am in too... 2014-11-12T09:46:29+0000 Brenda Lockhart Kuykendall My problem is there is no school close to me Jeff??? Any idea? 2015-01-06T00:43:56+0000 Anthony Cruz These day hollywood useing fans to pay to make movies ill pay for jeff speakman movie oh everyone check out platos run hotboyz his guest role 2014-11-16T00:13:26+0000
Jeff Speakman October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Make time to get checked, your health is important.
Kenpo 5.0 News October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Take the time ! Get Checked ! Check this out Macarthur Kenpo wowed by Speakman visit: School Instructors send your school address contact information to to be listed on location page. Sign up for a FREE Membership Account! ...
Ricky Molina Happy birthday Jeff! 2014-11-09T04:57:33+0000 Linda Lewy Im so glad u have survived, coping and living matter what i will always love you 2014-10-09T11:36:52+0000 Linda Lewy Hey jeff, im posting u a special book by the local indigenous who have both survived cancer some, and others who family moved on. The book just came out, i readit....some powerful messages. 2014-10-09T11:35:03+0000 Sylvie Blanchet good luck 2014-10-02T19:01:11+0000 Anthony Cruz Good luck 2014-10-02T18:59:33+0000
Jeff Speakman Something special to be apart of ! 2014-09-30T02:08:56+0000
Dave Sarah De Jong See you in June, :) 2014-10-01T05:55:38+0000 Mike Stunes Any instructors of kenpo in the cedar rapids Iowa area 2014-09-30T02:30:50+0000 Susan Miller Cool 🐶😊👍 2014-11-24T01:32:07+0000 Johnny Freeform See yall in may! 2014-11-22T03:56:56+0000 Luke Cirullo Yay 2014-09-30T03:53:48+0000 Anthony Cruz chuck lindell mma does kenpo 2014-11-24T14:58:31+0000
Jeff Speakman Adding new features to website that will allow Facebook posts.
Jeff Speight Pray your doing Master Speakman 2014-09-29T21:08:49+0000 Lori Smith Awesome... :) hello Jeff do you remember me when we talked in Gallup and I asked u once to come to my testing... :) this qad awhile back when you was buying artifacts and such... :) was wondering if you can make it.?? It's the end of October :) :) 2014-09-29T01:31:15+0000 Carrie McGill Jeff this is Carrie I had to get new phone and your number did not transfer over Can you send me PM with your phone number? Thanks again I hope you are making another movie looking forward to it, I really hope that you are recovered from the ordeal you had going on. thanks peace brother 2014-09-29T01:17:03+0000 Ralph Haubert Jeff, hope everything is ok can't wait till your next movie comes out, I am training under grand master mark miller, GM Parker original Kenpo 2014-09-29T01:09:10+0000 Anthony Cruz Aright jeff the best of all am bigfan got all movies even you play good and bad 2014-09-28T23:57:39+0000
Jeff Speakman A student of Kenpo 5.0 asked this question to Mr. Speakman. In May I found the American Kenpo Karate Academy in Mannassas VA under Mr. Jose Ponce. I explained my situation and he stated that "any student of Jeff Speakman's is welcome in my school" which I thought was pretty cool. I don't want to lose any training opportunity to keep up with the techniques and forms while traveling but I don't want to dishonor our school by doing so. My question, is it OK to train outside of the Kenpo 5.0 system but still within Mr. Parker's American Kenpo? Mr Speakman's response was: Of course you are welcome to train at any school in or out of the 5.0 system. ..In fact we recommend it...we have nothing to hide and in contrast to many organizations we want people to see what we do....thanks for asking...js
Mike Vodnoski yes, when it comes to martial arts, sharing between arts can be a good thing. i mainly train Bak Fu Pai (White Tiger Kung Fu) but i've also trained some White Eyebrow kung fu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Sambo, and Silat. its never a bad thing to broaden your horizons, it can sometimes shed new light on old techniques when you see what other arts can do. 2014-08-15T02:58:03+0000 Bryan Kansas We have a great fellowship and most schools gladly welcome others as we have a common goal and love for the art. I have trained while traveling in numerous schools for a workouts and such. I always stop in to Mr. Speakman's school in Vegas when on vacation and trained at Mr. Ponce's school in Manassas in VA when passing through Washington. Both great experiences and helped me keep my skills sharp when away from my home school....TOM KELLY's KENPO KARATE. 2014-08-15T01:53:03+0000 Sean Haig I was at a seminar in Brisbane last night and Master Speakman was there my background is traditional Karate based on Kyokoshinkai, shotokan and gojoryu and also Muay Thai, it was the very first time I was introduced to Kenpo 5.0 and I must say what an eye opener compared to the traditional karate. It was an absolute honour to train with you Master Speakman and I was welcomed to the dojo by everyone 2014-08-15T05:55:49+0000 Paul S. Sedlacek Perfect way to gain new knowledge and perspective 2014-08-15T01:46:32+0000 Jason Farnsworth That is great. Often times this thinking is lost. A lot of instructor like to keep the blinders on the students so as they don't venture out. This is a great share. Wishing you the best. 2014-08-15T09:50:25+0000 Timmy Bushido Hill That's class all the way to Jeff speakman much respect 2014-08-15T03:04:49+0000 Anthony Cruz Jeff speakman name was mention in warriors of virtue 2 2014-08-28T15:47:11+0000 Esta Williams Brilliantly put Jeff. Esta & Dave. Jersey, Channel Islands. Hope you are well. Yours in Kenpo 2014-08-15T20:33:43+0000 Carrie Gillispie My son does American Kenpo here in Florida. We've had several students come from other martial art forms. It's no different than an athlete training in two or more sports- it helps them be more well rounded and prepared. 2014-08-15T12:50:59+0000 Elaine Scanlon My Daughter Was In Kenpo And It Helped Her So Much By Working There Magic That Was Best For Her Thank's ToPaul Coleman And Everyone In #Highst #Kenpo Ireland Then Went To Vegas Nv Last Year Such An Inspiration To Us Jeff And All The Other Masters Much Love.. Js 2014-08-15T11:32:05+0000 Patrick A Weyand From the short time that I had in Vegas. I can tell you that Mr. Speakman seemed to be a very open person about not only his arts but others as well. A very down to earth person. 2014-08-15T11:01:38+0000 Lester Schunk GOD Bless You Jeff Speakman!!!!!!! 2014-08-15T02:28:01+0000 Justin Zenoff I think we need a school in cabo 2014-08-15T01:44:51+0000 Scott T. Juhnke Mr Speakman, Why after Mr Parkers death is there so much division in Kenpo? 2014-08-30T07:47:11+0000 Anthony Cruz Weres lido dracula breed of darkness 2014-08-28T15:45:51+0000 Tony Engedal jeffery,tony from premier ent.,hope you are well ! 2014-08-26T19:36:45+0000 Ralph Arredondo Yes the more you learn the better for you 2014-08-17T07:25:05+0000 Zachary Carter That is so wonderful to hear. I myself have experienced problems trying to train like this. Once they find out who I am, or my instructor, they don't want me at their school. I guess egos are at play. I do t seem to have this problem in California. I consider all of Parker Kenpo to be my brothers/sisters. Haven't been able to train much since my accident but I have many life long friends in Kenpo. The training and friendships I miss the most. Time to get back to training. I haven't been to Mr Speakmans school in Vegas, but his statement doesn't surprise me. That is the old school way. The way I came up. Thank you for sharing. 2014-08-16T01:33:26+0000 Tyler Pene G is Kenpo like Kempo? Whats the differance between them 2014-08-16T00:37:46+0000 Alvaro Castillo Wisdom words ! Mr 2014-08-15T02:04:12+0000 Rian Baños It is a very good answer is the martial art martial art and no matter the system or estlo all martial artists to practice and we are for the same reason "be the best". greetings from mexico cyty 2014-08-15T01:47:08+0000 William Fleury I was a student at Manchester Karate Studio, in Manchester, NH, under Steve White and Mr. Renshi McKenzie. Great school with awesome teachers. Direct lineage of Mr. Parker. 2014-08-15T01:46:15+0000 Anthony Cruz Kenpo did not work on big guy in end of perfect weapon you use his own belt lol 2014-11-13T20:41:17+0000
Jeff Speakman Taking a poll to see if you would attend a online session of questions and answers with Jeff Speakman.
Jon Cross Yesw I would but you should really come on to our show Dr. Action and The Kick Ass Kid Commentaries, as we are your biggest fans and do an interview for us! It would be LEGENDARY. 2014-07-31T16:21:29+0000 Paola Fernandez Yes, of course. . From Bolivia in two cities 2014-07-31T15:55:54+0000 Michael Monti Yes, great idea 2014-07-31T16:31:18+0000 Rick Bradley Yes! You were one of the reasons I got into Martial Arts! 2014-07-31T16:06:26+0000 Joseph Conway Yes sir 2014-07-31T16:00:22+0000 Steve Bennett Absolutely 2015-01-19T00:03:30+0000 Toa Henderson Sure, why not! 2015-01-18T20:05:03+0000 Tony Muse How Jeff speakman how are you doing this is tony muse I live in med waiver home and you all won of mine favorite actor i love your movies i like the way fight so will please send me friendly request on Facebook please buddy take care 2014-09-18T02:12:46+0000 Anthony Cruz The expert timelock scorpion one 2014-08-28T15:42:48+0000 Anthony Cruz Running red 2014-08-28T15:41:29+0000 Lu Petrey yes 2014-08-14T07:35:03+0000 Rich Boyce Yes i absolutely would FULL KENPO SALUTE GM SPEAKMAN 2014-08-03T18:17:46+0000 Donna Marie Klucevsek Yes 2014-08-02T23:53:04+0000 Rob Petras Yes 2014-08-02T09:22:34+0000 Mark Nelson Yes, sir. 2014-08-01T17:57:39+0000 Glenn Ashe Definitely 2014-08-01T08:50:51+0000 Ken Twaites I live in the uk and i would. 2014-08-01T08:08:46+0000 Brian Bush Absolutely! 2014-08-01T04:29:19+0000 Mark Sailors Absolutely. 2014-08-01T03:38:54+0000 Timmy Bushido Hill Yes sir buddy 2014-08-01T02:18:52+0000 Kenley Craver hell yeah man 2014-08-01T01:57:11+0000 Kenneth D. King Yes, of course. 2014-08-01T01:41:13+0000 Michelle Chacon I would but with my luck I would be called out on a job in the middle of it :) 2014-08-01T01:13:14+0000 Charlton Clarke Yes 2014-08-01T01:06:27+0000 Jennifer Ferreira Yes 2014-08-01T00:52:16+0000
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